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Tele-Class Workshop Series

Join top Aqua Fitness & Aquatic Post Rehabilitation experts in a live, 60-90 minute WaterWays Tele-Class. All Tele-Classes are conducted live over regular phones with state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology. Every class includes an interactive question and answer period where you can speak directly to instructors if you have a question. If you are not available for the live class you can purchase a recorded version. Explore popular aquatic educational topics from the comfort of your own home!

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Take part in an exciting live call!  Ask a tele-coach your questions or just sit back and listen to the session. Your tele-class registration includes the live question and answer session, reference notes, CECs, and an mp3 recording of the call.

Getting a fantastic workout every time!
For Aqua Participants, Instructors and Personal Trainers.

Tele-Coach: Charlene Kopansky
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Becoming an Aquafitness Instructor

Tele-Coach: Nancy Sawler
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Persistent Pain Explained
People with persistent (chronic) pain need to know there is good news about their condition. Research is helping explain the chronic pain mechanism. People with persistent pain, and the Trainers who work with them, can learn coping skills and simple techniques to reduce pain while improving exercise tolerance and quality of life.

Many people have home spas (hot tubs) that are used mainly for a relaxing soak or a drink with friends. Home spas are an ideal tool for flexibility and muscle conditioning work. This session will discuss appropriate exercises for home spas, and outline their place in a comprehensive fitness program.

What a Pain in the Neck!
Many people experience neck and upper back pain on a daily basis. Whether neck pain results from arthritis, injury, stress, repetitive strain, or poor posture, the right exercise can help. Learn to avoid aggravation of these structures, and make your land or water training sessions part of the solution to neck pain.

Fitness After Breast Cancer
This session is for leaders and trainers who work with people who have breast cancer, as well as breast cancer survivors. We will address the physical and emotional issues involved with exercise during and after treatment, and the healthy benefits of aquatic exercise for this population.

Laughter: The Best Exercise
Do you crave more jollies as you jog, more smiles as you stretch, more humour for the health of it? Exercise your laughing muscles as you learn about the holistic, healthy benefits of humour. Learn how to deal with life’s worries with wit and wisdom. Leave the Dark Side behind as you explore delight at the end of the tunnel.

Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint
Learn the anatomy basics of the shoulder joint. We will also cover common shoulder injuries and aquafitness movements which will be safe and effective for your participants. This is Part I of the Anatomy 101 Series. Class notes and reference diagrams will be emailed to you before the call  If you have specific questions about the shoulder joint, you can email them to the TeleCoach and they will be covered during the call!

How to Successfully Market Aquatic & Land Personal Training

A comprehensive breakdown of traditional sales and marketing techniques of what works and what does not in the world of fitness.  Highly acclaimed entrepreneur, Wendy Kennedy helps us look into the world of sales and marketing and breaks down the sales process into an easy step-by-step process.  Having "been there, done that", Wendy will guide us through proven marketing tips that work.  A workshop you can not afford to miss!

Case Study 2:
Designing a comprehensive fitness program for Andrew a 24 year old Tae-kwon-do competitive athlete looking to improve his cardiovascular system, speed and power.

Andrew is a 24 year old T-k-d competitive athlete looking to improve his cardiovascular system, speed and power. Andrew has been training since the age of 7, competitive since the age of 19. His coach has recommended cross training, and he figured that jogging and working out in the gym would accomplish this. The result from training himself and always training hard 6 days/week has left him feeling fatigued, tension in his lower back, between his shoulder blades and at the base of his skull. Andrew is just recovering from a shoulder tendonitis caused by a muscular imbalance and possible overtraining. His massotherapist, who works for the chiropractor that Andrew consults and sees for treatments has recommended you as a trainer, especially for the water environment. Andrew would like to know why he is a candidate to train in the water, isn’t that type of training for older adults and pregnant ladies? Based on the information provided, Andrew's fitness goals and postural analysis - design a comprehensive and progressive program.

Case Study 3:
Designing a comprehensive fitness program for Genevieve, a 50 year old female lawyer who has suffered from a non-malignant brain tumor at the base of her skull.

Genevieve, a 50 year old female divorce lawyer has suffered from a non-malignant brain tumor at the base of her skull. Part of the tumor could not be removed. The operation has left Genevieve with an inability to get on and off the floor easily, as the blood shunting to the brain when she tilts her head forward or backward (especially when descending or ascending the a laying position) leaves her with the room spinning and a pressure (or lack of when ascending) in the head. The operation has left Genevieve with very little balance and a poor self esteem, both of which she needs for the function of her job with clients and in the court room. Genevieve has a "flat back posture", and due to the lack of balance, she hinges at the hip and her center of balance is more over the ball of her feet than her ankles. This is causing a tension between her shoulder blades and in her lower traps Genevieve is beginning to feel tension building in her lumbar area, and her hamstrings feel slightly strained, especially at the back of her knees. Upon assessing her knee alignment, you find that when standing her knees are too extended, almost to the point of locking. Her internal hip rotators are weak, she favors the right leg, and her arches are collapsed. In addition, Genevieve would like to loose weight, approximately 40 lbs, has a resting heart rate of 75, normal resting blood pressure. What advise will you give her, what must you do prior to accepting her as a client and how will you design your program & why?

Ask an Expert: Personal Trainers / Aqua Leaders can pre-submit questions they want answered, and turn their 'situations' into solutions.

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The Magical Properties of Water
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Earn Continuing Education Credits! (CECs)

WaterWays Tele-Classes offer CALA Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Advance and upgrade your knowledge, ask questions, and meet new and interesting people. You will also gain valuable teaching tips and awareness of additional resources.

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