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*Certified WaterWays Instructors will come to you!

Private Pools (condominiums, apartments, homes and private clubs)
Public Pools (community centres, fitness clubs, hotel pools)
Retirement Centres and Rehabilitation Pools

*Instructors are certified by the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc. You will enjoy an effective, safe and highly motivational class.


NEW: Aqua Boot Camp
Electrify your fitness program with a high energy aquatic workout! This 6 week Aqua Workshop will introduce you to inspiring aquafitness class formats such as: Aqua Kick Box, Water Running, Awesome Aqua Abs, Aqua Muscle and Aqua Yoga. You will learn the magical properties of water and have the opportunity to practice different intensity options to give you the splash to the MAX!

Aqua Interval
A class for all fitness levels

Water Running and Sport Conditioning
Cross train in the water and experience the difference

Beginner Level: AquaLite
Specially designed to introduce basic moves and intensity options

Aqua Arthritis
Train with our aquatic rehab specialists in a warm water therapy pool

Aqua Personal Training
Private or semi private sessions customized for you!

The Water Advantage

Exercising in the water provides a well balanced workout that improves all major components of fitness:  cardiovascular training, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.  Water buoyancy creates a reduced impact exercise alternative that is easy on the joints, while the water’s resistance challenges the muscles. 

Aquafitness is perfect for all fitness levels – whether you are a beginner, a non-swimmer or an advanced athlete!

WaterWays Classes are held in both chest deep (shallow) and deep water pools.  We highly recommend using an aqua flotation belt, to provide additional exercises and intensity options.  Each class includes a 5 minute warm-up, 20-30 minutes of aerobic conditioning, 10 minutes of muscle focus and 5 minute cool-down session.  Pool temperatures range from 84-90 degrees, depending on location.

Check out the Top 10 Reasons why you should exercise in water!

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